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SHO.NET Computer Centers:

SHO.NET: Strength, Hope and Opportunity

Since 2004, we have set up four computer centers in Ecuador in the communities of Tanguarin, Inguincho, Cuichocha, Salinas and Caldera, Valle del Chota.

The centers offer basic introductory computer classes and typing, and have become part of all the school's curriculum.

  • Tanguarin, Ibarra. The center serves approximately 110 students from the Francisco Calderon School and was set up in 2004 as the first SHO.NET.
  • Marco Aurelio Subia School, in Inguincho, Otavalo. There are 136 students in the school, all which are utilizing the computer center.
  • Cuichocha, Ecuador. Serving 45 students who attend school in the community.
  • Salinas, Ecuador. The center, equipped with eight computers was set up in the local high school.
  • Caldera, Valle del chota. Five workstations were donated to the local school and serve 180 students.
  • Although work and funds are still needed to improve the computer centers, our main goal is being accomplished: to introduce and provide the students with this valuable educational tool.

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