Project Ecuador

Scholarship Program:

Ecuador's children come from families with very limited resources. Parents are mostly farmers or day laborers and make an average of $150-$200 dollars a month (Note: the currency in Ecuador is the U.S. Dollar). These salaries hardly cover food expenses. Due to significantly low incomes and the increasing cost of living, parents cannot afford to send their children to schools and many times recruit them to work in the farms before they finish the 6th grade. As a result, children are deprived of the education they deserve.

The Ecuadorian government provides free education up to 7th grade, and so they generally stop attending school at this point. Children join the workforce in order to help their parents with however little money they can earn.

Project Ecuador provides assistance by covering school expenses and providing educational materials for students who demonstrate academic excellence and commitment. Students are chosen with the help of our Project Coordinators in Ecuador and the selected school officials. Scholarship recipients are expected to maintain high academic standing with a grade average of 18 out of 20 or above (90%) in order to continue to receive aid.

We are currently sponsoring 11 students in various communities in Ecuador. 100% of Scholarship donations go directly to providing uniforms, shoes, school supplies, books, and registration fees for each student.

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